About Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines, which is also referred to as SWA or SW, is one of the major US airlines that provides super economical passenger flights. The airline was originally based at Dallas Love Field airport, but its extensive network is spread across the United States.

Established in 1967, Southwest Airlines flew between three notable cities of Texas, i.e., Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio. Due to the cheap Southwest Airlines tickets and the exceptional services, the airline has extensively grown, and today, it prides itself on being the biggest carrier in the United States.

Southwest Airlines’ flight schedule also covers international destinations like central and North America. It has even been estimated that the airline flies to over a hundred destinations, and before the pre-Covid-19 pandemic, i.e., its peak time, the airline was flying more than four thousand flights per day.

As mentioned above, the Southwest Airlines ticket price is low and sold based on a seat-only ticket. The passengers who would like to have anything extra are required to pay an additional fare.

Another factor that puts Southwest Western Airlines apart from its competitors is the fact that it is the only airline that uses open-seating. This means if you are traveling with Southwest airlines, you won’t be assigned a seat at check-in. Instead, you will choose it on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Looking for cheap Southwest Airlines tickets?

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Which destinations are covered by Southwest Airlines?

Southwest Airlines primarily fly to notable domestic destinations like Florida, Dallas, New York City, Chicago, Hawaii, and San Francisco. Furthermore, the airline offers international flights to Aruba, Cancun, Havana, Liberia, and many more.

Why choose Southwest Airlines?

Aside from incredibly cheap flight tickets, booking a flight with Southwest Airlines is an exceptionally user-friendly and easy experience. Furthermore, their planes are equipped with comfortable seats, and there is also an in-flight entertainment system.

Reserving the Southwest Airline flights

When it comes to making an offline reservation at flight at Southwest Airlines, you have multiple options:

a. You can reach out to the airline’s customer service department. Like most airlines, Southwest Airlines has reliable customer care that offers super-efficient services.

b. Southwest Airlines allows the customer to hold the reservation for a while and pay for the booking later. In the meantime, you can also make changes to your booking.

As you can tell, Southwest Airlines puts their customer’s convenience over everything else. Having said that, if the idea of offline booking does not sit well with you, you can reach out to a reliable traveling agency like Malik Travel. The Malik Travel will not just guide you through the booking process, but it will also receive the flight per se.

FAQS About Southwest Airline

Southwest airlines focus on cities like Dallas, Miami, Chicago, New York City, San Francisco, Washington, etc. In terms of international destinations, Southwest Airlines covers Portland, Mexico City, Atlanta, Aruba, San Juan, and many more.

Yes, most definitely. That is because Southwest Airlines is the only American airline that offers flights with such generous discounts. Moreover, you can save a lot more by opting for getaway flights.

Since there is no way to link any Southwest reservation online, you are either required to call the customer service or hire a traveling agency to do the job.

To manage your Southwest flight reservation, you need to head over to Southwest Airlines.com. Under the “manage my trip” section, you will get to choose a flight you can modify. Here you can change and cancel your booking.

The ‘check-in’ process of Southwest Airlines is quite quick and easy. You can either do it online through a mobile app/website, or you can also check in at the counter at the airport.
During online check-in, you will get an option to select your seat and add your baggage on a priority basis. To get a preferred seat, you are also required to pay an extra fare. On the other hand, adding baggage will not cost you more money.

To book a southwest flight by using the points, you are required to have a rapid rewards account. If you happen to be a new user, you cannot avail the opportunity unless you create an account.
Once you have achieved specific points, head to the flight booking page and select "pay with rapid rewards.” Doing so will help you view your fare points and reserve the ticket.

Southwest Airlines offer unaccompanied minors services only for non-stop, domestic and direct flights. Children that fall in the range of 5-11 years are eligible for this service, and they can easily travel with an adult.

Unlike many other airlines, Southwest allows their passengers to fly along with their pets in their in-cabin flights. Thus, if you are traveling with Southwest, you can bring the pet to an approved carrier by Southwest.
That said, the reservation for pets is permitted on a first-come-first-served basis. It is also worth mentioning that if you change your mind regarding traveling with your pet or traveling, your fee will not get refunded.

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