Saudi Arabian Frequent Flights:

About Saudi Arabian Airlines

Saudi Arabian Airlines holds a prestigious history that speaks for the class and services this company delivers. It is one of the oldest operating airlines in the history of aviation. The history dates back to 1945 when American President Franklin Roosevelt gifted the then King Abdul Aziz Saud with an aircraft. The magnificent Douglas C-3 was the cornerstone for this amazing airline.

Fast forward to the day, Saudi Airlines is delivering exceptional performance under the leadership of Ibrahim Alkoshy, who’s serving as the CEO. Another brilliant personality that runs the show for Saudi Airlines is Ibrahim Alomar, who serves as the Director-General for the airline.

The airline had a change of name recently, and Saudi Arabian Airlines now operates as Saudi Arabian Airlines. In 2012, Saudi Arabian became an addition to the members of the sky team alliance, which is considered massive in the airline industry.

The airline has delivered a stellar performance and competes with the best airlines globally. In 2017, Saudi Airlines was awarded the ‘World’s Most Approved Airline’ by SkyTrax.

The company is headquartered in Riyadh and has a massive fleet of 157 airplanes which includes cargo carriers as well. It has its major hubs in Jeddah, Riyadh, and Dammam. With Saudi Airlines, you can fly to over 130 destinations around the globe.

All that’s mentioned above shows the credibility that Saudi Arabian Airlines holds. It is a preferred choice of the airline of many across the globe. To know more details about the flight, company, and the tickets, feel free to refer to Malik Travel. We’ll be pleased to help you with the bookings and discounts.

Ticket Prices when Traveling with the Saudi Arabian Airlines

For the services and comfort Saudi Arabian Airlines offers, the rates of flying are considerably affordable. One reason for that is that it’s a government-owned airline. However, the rates aren’t fixed and have several factors that can fluctuate the price that you may get at the time of booking.

On the top of the equation lies the time of flying, time left before the flight, and the type of ticket that you choose. All these factors can have an impact on the rate that you get at the time of booking. You can easily come and get affordable rates for Saudi Arabian Airlines only at Malik Travel. We also give concessions where it’s possible.

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Saudi Arabian Airline Cancellation Policies

Saudi Arabian Airlines offers you to cancel your bookings from the comfort of your home. You can visit their website and follow the guidelines to get a refund. However, you may be penalized for canceling the ticket. For cancellations made before 24 hours left for the plane to take off, you may have to pay $100 to $400 as a fine. If you cancel within 24 hours, then you’ll be fined in the price bracket of $100 to $500.

To avoid paying fines, ensure that you check the Saudi Arabian flight schedule thoroughly and book the safest dates.

Luggage Allowance with Saudi Arabian Airlines

Saudi Arabian Airlines offers 6 variants of seats. Luggage allowance varies for the passengers depending upon the seat that they choose.

The six variants are Economy Saver, Economy Basic, Economy Flex, Business Basic, Business Flex, and First Flex. For the first variant, you are allowed 7KG hand-carry and nothing as the carry one luggage. For the second seating option, you get 7 KG hand luggage, and you can carry a single bag of up to 23 KG. With the third variant, you are allowed a 7KG hand-carry and 46 KG of luggage that you can take in 2 bags.

When you move to business basic, your hand-carry allowance increases from 7KG to 9KG, and the luggage that you can carry is 32KG. With business Flex, you are allowed 9KG hand-carry and 64 KG luggage that you can take in a couple of bags. For the first Flex, the luggage specifications remain the same as the Business Flex.

Flight Type Hand Luggage Check-in Baggage
Economy Saver 7 kg Not Allowed
Economy Basic 7 kg 23 kg (1 bag)
Economy Flex 7 kg 40 kg (2 bags)
Business Basic 9 kg 32 kg (1 bag)
Business Flex 9 kg 64 kg (2 bags)
First Flex 9 kg 64 kg (2 bags)

Amenities offered by Saudi Arabian Airlines

Saudi Arabian Airlines ensure that the passengers have the best experience while they are up in the air. When you choose to fly with this airline, you are really in for a comfortable and super pleasant ride. The lightning inside the aircraft is perfect. It really makes you feel warm and comfortable. The cooling mechanism is supremely maintained to ensure that travelers feel at home.

You can get halal meals and drinks on the flight. Plus, with Saudi Arabian Airlines, you won’t find time to get bored. Each passenger has an audio and video entertainment system that has the latest songs and movies to keep you entertained. Plus, you also get reading lights. So the bookworms who wish to fly off with words are in for a treat.

Overall, Saudi Arabian Airlines offer a complete package to the passengers!

FAQs About Saudi Arabian Airline

Saudi Arabian Airlines are very strict about the health and hygiene of the passengers. The crew members are super cautious about following the SOPs. The flights operate in compliance with the strict guidelines put forward by the WHO.

Yes, the pilgrims are allowed to carry 5 Litres of Zam Zam water on flight.

To manage and explore seat options, you should visit the website of Saudi Arabian Airlines.

Saudi Arabian Airlines offers personalized food options. All the food that’s served is Halal.

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