Air Arabia Frequent Flights:

About Air Arabia Airlines

If there is one sweet spot in the airline industry that offers comfort and reliability while being light on the traveler’s pocket, then that’s Air Arabia Airlines. Air Arabia Airlines has been in aviation for almost a couple of decades now. The company was launched in Feb 2003 and started its operations in October of the same year.

The airline focuses on providing comfortable and low-cost air travels to the passengers. The company also has an alliance with a non-profit organisation called Air Arab Carrier Organisation. The airline is branched out into three subsidiaries named- Air Arabia Abu Dhabi, Air Arabia Egypt, and Air Arabia Maroc.

You can fly to around 170 destinations around the globe with Air Arabia. The primary areas of flying for the airline are the Pakistani subcontinental region, Middle East, North Africa, Central Asia, and Europe. The airline is honoured to be the first Low-Cost Carrier (LCC) in the middle east region. The company’s interests aren’t just vested in making profits. Air Arabia is a primary contributor to helping several underdeveloped communities with education and development.

The airline works with high ethical principles and has a well-organised CSR program in place to help underprivileged communities. With all that known, Air Arabia can easily be the right travel partner for you to move around the globe. If you are interested in getting air Arabia tickets, then Malik Travel can easily set up a right deal for you. We offer the best rates to our clients. Ping us to avail of our services.

Air Arabia Ticket Price

The fares for a seat on the Air Arabia flight vary, and you can check the rates real-time at our website. However, the charges are lower on some days compared to others. Seat availability and the booking time can also be a determinant of the cost. Weekends are generally high costing compared to weekdays. Check out the details for Air Arabia Ticket prices at Malik Travel’s website. You can also see Air Arabia Schedules on our website.

The Refund Policy

Air Arabia has clearly laid out a refund policy for those who wish to cancel their tickets. If you cancel in under 24 hours from departure, you aren’t entitled to any refund. If you cancel in the time window of 24 to 72 hours, then the refund policy states 30% of the fare plus an 8500 PKR surcharge.

If you cancel prior to 72 hours of the departure, then the refund policy states that you get 30% of the fare plus a 6440 PKR surcharge.

You can easily refer to the refund policy on the Air Arabia website and get the tickets cancelled and refunded. All you need to do is provide the necessary details, and you’ll get the appropriate response with regards to ticket cancellation.

Baggage Allowance

It is refreshing to see how well laid out luggage policies the airline has for the passengers. The luggage allowance varies depending upon the package that you choose. The airline offers 3 packages- Basic, Value, and Extra.

The hand baggage allowance is the standard 10KG for all the categories. For the checked-in luggage, the value increases by 10 KG as you step up each category. So with the Basic, you get 10KG of checked-in luggage, with Value, you get 20, and Extra gives you an allowance of 30 KG of checked-in luggage.

The airline also offers the addition of 20KG worth of luggage if someone pays extra.

Ticket Type Hand Baggage Check-in Baggage
Basic 10 kg 10 kg
Value 10 kg 20 kg
Extra 10 kg 30 kg

Offered amenities

For a budget website, Air Arabia is surprisingly generous with the amenities that are offered. The passengers are made comfortable from the moment they step inside the plane. The seats are super comfortable and have nice seat covers put upon them.

Passengers also get meals and drinks on the flight. The amenities can differ based on the package that the passenger has chosen.

Offers and discounts

It’s incredible to see how Air Arabia manages to keep the prices so low and yet offers discounted ticket prices. You can visit their website and see the latest discounts that the airline is offering. You may even visit Malik Travel and let us help you select the best Air Arabia ticketing options.

Why Air Arabia?

With all that’s said above, why should someone finally put the foot down to Air Arabia? Well, there are several answers to answer this equation. Firstly, the rates are super low, and the services are super professional.

Passengers seldom ever get a feeling that they are flying on a budget airline. With that said, Air Arabia maintains high safety standards for its clients. They have the best pilot crew to fly their 43 planes. Plus, you also get convenient options like self-check-in via the web so that you can easily board the flight. All these points are clearly indicative of why one must choose Air Arabia.

FAQs About Air Arabia

Air Arabia operates with strict SOPs to ensure that the passengers are safe.

Air Arabia will not take in any infant that’s aged under 48 hours. No exceptions to this rule.

Air Arabia shares limited liability in case a passenger loses their luggage. You can get up to $20 per KG in claims against the lost baggage.

Fireworks, illegal drugs, firearms, poisonous substances, radioactive materials, flammable items, infectious substances, cooking oil, etc., are not allowed on an Air Arabia flight.

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