Serene Air Frequent Flights:

About Serene Air Airlines

Serene Air Airline is a new air traveling service in Pakistan. It became operational in 2017, and ever since its launch, it has managed to cater to the traveling needs of the passengers efficiently. In addition, this Airline has also started international flights this year. Due to the unwavering efforts and quality service of this Airline, it has come in parallel to the popular airlines. Although Serene is a private airline, it has already gained recognition by getting the ‘Brand of the Year 2020’ award. This airline ensures to satisfy the customers by providing the most comfortable and pleasant air traveling experience.

The services of Serene Air Airline are available in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and United Arab Emirates (UAE). With its seven flights, this airline travels around nine different destinations. The on-time flights percentage of this airline is 97.1%, with a regularity of 95.2%. It has helped this airline to achieve absolute success in a short span. Moreover, the convenient Serene Air flight schedule enables you to book your flight without any inconvenience. At Malik Travel, we offer you simple ways to book your flights on the go. You do not need to go through the strain of making a million calls to book your air ticket.

Serene Air Ticketing System:

Once you reach out to us, you will find a very easy and user-friendly method of getting all the essential information related to the flights. We fulfill the concerns of our customers and provide them with the required details. You will find the flight status and other queries about Serene Air Airline ticket price on our website. Our efficient services help to fulfill your air travel needs by getting all the particulars in one place.

This airline ensures to charge a reasonable ticket price for the travelers. So you do not have to fret about spending on expensive flight tickets. You can find out the charges for the Serene Air ticket from our website. We also offer you the other significant factors related to the flight’s availability, distance, and travel day. It is necessary to be aware of the fact that on weekends and other holidays, the prices of the tickets are higher than usual. However, the special discounts given by Serene Air Airline can lower the cost of the tickets. So, contact us to get an insight into the detailed information of Serene Air flights.

Serene Air Domestic Routes:

Since Serene Air is a Pakistani private airline, therefore it offers outstanding services for domestic air traveling. If you want to travel with this airline, know about its routes and flights schedule. It will help you to choose the desired flight without any hassle. A better way to look up the routes of this airline is by checking our website. We understand the need of our customers to gain knowledge regarding the distance and travel days of the airline. Therefore, we bring a user-friendly way to provide you with your needed information.

Some of the most common routes of Serene Air Airline are:

Serene Air Route Availiability Days Starting Price
Karachi to Islamabad S M T W T F S Rs 10,005
Karachi to Lahore S M T W T F S Rs 10,005
Karachi to Quetta S T T S Rs 9038

Apart from the above flights, Serene Airline also has many different routes to fulfill your travel needs. So do not wait anymore and plan a trip without worrying about your flight tickets because Malik Travel is here to help you with the easiest ticket booking.

Check Your Flight Status:

It is a known fact that few hours before that flight, everyone wants to check the flight status to confirm the timings. Serene Air has eased the customers by providing them with a unique feature of checking the flight status. With the help of this feature, you only have to click on the official website of Serene Air, and by clicking on the option of ‘status,’ you can easily confirm your flight timings.

The details required for confirming your flight are; destination, departure date, and flight number. After adding all these details, the website will display the particulars of your flight.

Serene Air Luggage Allowance:

Like every other airline, Serene Air also offers the customers to bring their luggage with them. You can check the information related to the baggage allowance of Serene Air from our website. You can carry 7 kg hand-carry and 40 kg (2 bags) for check-in luggage on domestic and international flights. This amount of weight is suitable for every passenger, and the travel essentials are carried easily.

Flight Type Hand luggage Check-in Baggage
Domestic 7 kg 40 kg (2 bags)
International & kg 40 kg (2 bags)

Facilities By Serene Air Airline:

The unmatchable services by Serene Airline make it more preferable among other Airlines. Its fleet is fully equipped with new and unique features that enhance the air traveling experience. The comfort and ease of the travelers are the priority of this airline. For this reason, the in-flight amenities of Serene Airline are remarkable. Whether it is business class, economy, or executive, this airline never compromises on the standards of its services.

FAQs About Serene Air

According to the latest news, Serene Airline is expected to start its international operations in October.

Ensure to follow all the safety guidelines regulated by the airline before traveling. All the SOPs must be following during the flight.

If you want to cancel your flight ticket, the charges will apply depending on the issue date. You can cancel your flight by contacting Serene Air and re-book the ticket that suits your travel journey.

For international flights, it is vital to reach the airport 4 hours prior to your flight. Whereas you must be at the airport at least 2.5 hours before the flight for domestic flights.

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