Malaysia Frequent Flights:

About Malaysia Airlines

Malaysia Airlines is the flagbearer to Malaysian pride around the world. The airline marked the beginning of its existence back in 1947. It was founded in Singapore and was renamed Malaysia Airlines in 1963.

Kuala Lumpur is the main hub for the airline. The airline has an impressive fleet of 82 airplanes, amongst which are the 33 humongous Airbuses and 48 Boeings. Other hubs for the airline reside in Kota Kinabalu and Kuching. Malaysia Airlines has been consistent with serving nothing but the best to the passengers. You can easily feel like a royal from the moment you step into one of Malaysian Airlines’s planes.

The airline has bagged several prestigious awards to its name. A few of them are: ‘World’s Best 5-star Airline’, ‘World’s Best Cabin Crew’ and ‘Asia’s Leading Airline’. These were awarded to Malaysia Airlines by SkyTrax and World Travel Awards, both of which are respected authorities in the field of aviation.

Malaysia Airlines is a giant network with 25 subsidiaries operating with the company, out of which 3 are partly owned. The airline has expanded the business domain from just flying to other areas as well, such as aircraft leasing, air catering, tour operations, aviation engineering.

One thing to note is that infants are strictly restricted to a seat on the Business Suites of A380 on the flight. Factor that in before you make any bookings. With that said, Malik Travel is here to assist you in booking the right seat on Malaysia Airlines. Be sure to pay us a visit or contact us to get the best travel and tourism services. From flight bookings to schedules to amenities, let’s look at what the airline has got to offer to the passengers.

Malaysia Airline Ticket Booking

You can easily book the ticket from the airline’s website. The process is super easy. You just need to put in the relevant details, and the available seats and ticket pricing will show up on your screens. You may then choose what’s right for you and pay accordingly.

If you want to see the Malaysia flight schedules, you can easily do so by plugging in the relevant details on their website.

Baggage Allowance

Malaysia Airlines is super strict with the weight limits for the luggage. Passengers are always requested to adhere to the limits so that traveling is smooth and hassle-free. If you choose to travel in economy class, then the cabin luggage limit for you is 7KG. If you are traveling business class, then you are permitted 14 KG weight that you can carry in 2 bags.

For the checked-in baggage, economy passengers are allowed 30 KG, and business class passengers can take up 40 KG worth of weight. Those traveling first class can get 50KG of luggage checked in.

Inside the plane and amenities offered

What you get inside the plane depends upon the seats that you purchased. However, comfort and care is a standard that all the passengers receive. Right when you step in, you are warmly received, which is an assurance of a great flight ahead.

Passengers can also purchase Wi-Fi via cash or card; therefore, they are connected to the world even when they are miles high up in the air. That’s a standard for all. Other than that, there are different variants of entertainment systems installed for the passengers to have an enjoyable flight.

Let’s now look at what the different variants have got to offer.

Malaysia Airlines Economy Class

This variant offers great comfort combined with a select main screen where passengers can plugin and watch movies and listen to songs. A passenger can also pay some additional fee and get their desired seat if it's available.

Malaysia Airlines Business Class

With the business class, you get to beat the queue and basically move straight into the aircraft with a priority check-in. When you choose to fly business, your enjoyments and relaxations start even before you board the plane. Business-class passengers have access to the special Golden Lounge, an in-flight chef, and lie-flat seats.

Though these options are only limited to select aircraft.

Malaysia Airlines Business Suite

This variant offers an amazing flying experience. You are literally in for a treat. Once you are well seated on the plane, you get up to 25 varieties of Malay and other traditional cuisines to choose from. You may even request for the ‘chef on call’ service and get a customised culinary experience.

What’s next?

Now that we know the variants and the amenities that you can get, let’s explore what other things the Malaysia Airline offers to its passengers:

Malaysia Airlines The Golden Lounge

Malaysia Airlines is truly determined to ensure that the passengers are always well taken care of even before they step into the aircraft. That’s why it offers the amazing Golden Lounge. People that choose to fly business class and above are eligible to experience this lounge.

Here you have great food options to get your tummy filled before you board the plane. The seats here have charging ports as standard. Plus, there are prayer halls for Muslims. The Golden Lounge is truly an experience to savor.

FAQ’s About Malaysia Airlines

The check-in counters are operational till an hour remains for the flight to depart. It is advised to reach the airport at least 3 to 4 hours before the flight so that you can board the plane without much hassle.

You aren’t allowed to carry vapes or e-cigs on a flight with you. However, you can have them packed safely in the checked-in luggage.

No special counters for elderlies. However, if someone requires assistance, they may contact the airline beforehand to receive special care.

You can visit the Malaysia Airlines website to go through the refund policy. There you may even check the Malaysia flight schedule and book the flight according to your convenience, so you don’t have to cancel.

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