Pakistan International Airlines Frequent Flights:

About Pakistan International Airlines (PIA)

PIA is one airline that has made some serious achievements in the aviation world. Did you know that till this day PIA holds the record of the fastest flight from London to Karachi? This happened in 1962 when the pilots found the upper wind forecast to favour the aircraft and they put that to maximum advantage. The flight travelled the distance in just 6 hours, 43 minutes and 51 seconds.

This is just one of the many great things that PIA holds under the belt. The airline was personally set up by none other than the founder of the nation, M.A. Jinnah. He was far sighted enough to work upon the aviation system of Pakistan even before the partition took place. There are numerous other records that the airline proudly holds. For instance, what was the first airline that flew a non-communist flight to China? PIA.

Which airline holds the record for being the first Asian airline to use jets for commercial flights? PIA. The achievements are many for our national airline!

Currently, PIA holds a well maintained fleet of over 30 airlines that offer flights to 20 domestic and 25 international destinations. The passengers are served to utmost comfort. With PIA, the frequent fliers are often rewarded with bonuses when they fly a certain number of miles!

The flight categories

The flights offer 3 separate categories depending upon the comfort and service that the passengers require. The 3 categories are economy, executive economy and business class. While on the base level, all passengers are offered the same levels of security and safety, the services and comfort that are offered by PIA level up with each category.

If you just want to fly under budget, then the economy may be the best option for you. If you want to fly with absolute comfort, then the business class will be the perfect choice for you. However, for those who wish to have a little bit of both then the executive economy will be the right choice. Whatever category you’d like to have, just book it from Malik Travel. Contact us to enquire about the PIA airline ticket prices and the discounts that are offered.

Flight schedule and operations

PIA flights run to different domestic and international locations all year round. Pre-booking a flight can get you some superb, formidable deals. You can search for the PIA flight schedules and availability of seats on our website.

With PIA you get

PIA is known to deliver care and comfort to clients. Each flight is an amazing experience where the crew members try their best to ensure that the travels are safe and pleasurable for the passengers. You get warm food that’s sufficient in quantity to keep you satiated for the flight distance. For longer international flights, you even get 2 servings.

With the food taken care of, the passengers can easily feel the need to get entertained. PIA got you covered there as well. There’s a personal infotainment system for each passenger to use when the slightest signs of boredom show up. There are games, music, movies and drama series that you can binge and reach your destination without getting bored.

What’s the luggage allowance with PIA?

When you choose to be on-board and fly with PIA you get some of the best luggage deals. The weight limits vary with your selected flight package. If you travel economy, then you can take 20 KG baggage and 7Kg hand carry.

Similarly, for the executive economy, you are allowed 25 KG flight luggage and 12 KG carry on. The check-in baggage limit for the business class is the highest where you are allowed to take 30KG with you. The carry-on limit is 12 KG, the same as the executive economy.

Flight Carry-on Baggage Check-in Baggage
Economy 7 kg 20 kg
Executive Economy 12 kg 25 kg
Business 12 kg 30 kg

FAQ’s About PIA

As mentioned above, PIA is determined to serve the best to the passengers. Which means that they care for the health of their customers. PIA operates with strict compliance to the covid-19 SOPs put out by the World Health Organization.

If you book a domestic flight with PIA, then you are expected to reach at least a couple or hours before departure. If it’s an international flight, then you’ll have to be there 4 hours before the flight. No check-ins shall be allowed one hour prior to the departure.
Also, if a person doesn’t show up for the flight then they may have to pay a fine while rescheduling their ticket.

Yes, PIA offers direct flights to several locations in the USA.

PIA can easily fly you to different locations around the globe including but not limited to NYC, London, Geneva, Singapore, etc.

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