About Delta Air Lines

Delta Air Lines is a renowned name in the American airline industry. Its headquarters is at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport in Atlanta, Georgia. The airline operates over 5,400 flights daily and facilitates over 200 million passengers per annum. The airline provides a network of domestic and international flights covering over 352 destinations in over 52 countries.

Delta Air Line is one of the founding members of the SkyTeam airline alliance and shares agreements with Air France-KLM, Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Australia, Korean Air, and Alitalia. These shared ventures provide flights to over a thousand destinations in 170 counties.

Check-In Information At Delta Airline

1. Online Check-In

Once you book your flight tickets, you can check-in online up to 24 hours prior to the flight departure. You can use the inline check-in page, and once you check-in, you can print out the boarding pass or download n e-boarding pass on your smart device.

2. Airport Check-In

Those who want to check-in at the airport can arrive at the airport desk and check-in. The on-desk check-in closes 30 minutes before domestic flights and one hour before international flights. The Delta Air Line flight schedule is mostly on time, so be sure you arrive at the airport early.

Cancellation Policy

Delta Air Lines offer different fares for different categories, and these bundles follow different cancellation policies. All basic economy passengers cannot get a change or refund. Other tickets, including Main Cabin, Comfort+, Premium Select, and Delta One, are changeable and refundable. The tickets can be canceled for a partial or full refund, and the travel date can be changed.

Travel Destinations

Delta Air Line tickets are available for various destinations in the US, Europe, the Americas, Oceania, and Asia. The destinations include all the major airports of the important cities such as Chicago, Hartford, Kansas City, Miami, Portland, New York City, Savannah, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Beijing, Toronto, Paris, London, Sane Jose, Milan, Mumbai, and many more.

Baggage Allowance

The passengers are allowed to carry one piece of checked baggage, one piece of carry-on baggage, and a personal item onboard.

1. Checked Baggage

Checked baggage allowance can vary depending on when the ticket is bought. However, the baggage dimensions must not exceed 62 inches. The baggage must not weigh over 50lbs for Economy, Main Cabin, and Delta Comfort passengers. On the contrary, the baggage weight limit can surpass 70lbs for First Class, Delta Premium Select, and Delta One passengers.

2. Carry-On Baggage

One piece of carry-on baggage is allowed, which must not exceed 45 linear inches. However, there are no weight restrictions for carry-on baggage except for some routes, such as:

  • Singapore 7kgs
  • Beijing 10kgs
  • Shanghai 10kgs

3. Musical Instruments

Delta Air Lines allow musical instruments to be carried that fit the overhead luggage compartment. Larger instruments can be check-in the baggage.

Flight Categories

The airline offers Economy, Premium, Business, and First Class categories.

Economy Class

The economy class itself has variations within the types of seats. So before you book your flight, be sure to check the Delta Air Line ticket price for economy class and choose accordingly.

Facilities At Economy Class

The introductory economy class offers amenities including snacks such as chocolates, peanuts, pretzels, non-alcoholic beverages like tea, juice, and coffee. Other amenities include WiFi at a small fee and complimentary in-flight messaging. Delta studio has a collection of movies, TV shows, and other entertainment. Ticket changes and refunds are not available for economy class.

=> Premium Economy Class

Premium Economy Class offers two fares: Main Cabin and Delta Comfort+. The passengers in the main cabin receive select premium amenities such as entertainment, better services, and access to change the seats at a lower rate.

Facilities At Premium Economy Class

Here the passengers receive premium meals and snacks. The amenities are much improved from the ones served in the main cabin. They also have access to complimentary priority boarding.

=> Business Class

Business Class passengers get the premium in-flight experience with the best entertainment, optimum dining, and the most exemplary customer service. Traveling in Delta Business Class promises you the experience of your lifetime.

Facilities At Business Class

Business-class passengers get to enjoy gourmet meals prepared by chefs on the flight. Passengers can also choose from an exquisite range of beverages available. The passengers on Business Class won’t be bored for a second on the flight with the Delta Studio’s entertainment and premium quality noise-cancellation headsets.

=> First-Class

First Class passengers enjoy an extraordinary experience starting from the personalized services at the airport and throughout the flight. They can relax in comfort to be able to focus and elevate their productivity for work. They will get their personal flight attendant, priority check-in, boarding and express collection of checked baggage, and security. First-class is available in three types of tickets:

  • First-class is available for domestic and some particular international flights,
  • Delta Premium Select is available on selected long international flights
  • Delta One is available on long international and some domestic flights

Facilities At First-Class

First-Class includes premium seats, which have a lot more room as compared to the main cabin. They rise up to a flat-bed in Delta One. Passengers get access to an amenity kit that helps them stay fresh and keeps them relaxed throughout the flight. Fine-dining meals are served with complimentary beverages. Delta Studio entertainment is available on much larger screens, in-seat charging ports, and an overall fantastic experience.

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