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About AirBlue Airlines

Catering to the needs of the growing requirements of air travel in Pakistan, AirBlue came to the local aviation scene in 2003. It’s a private airline that was jointly launched by Shahid Khaqan Abbasi and Tariq Chaudhry- a respected politician and a brilliant IT man.

The airline was initially limited in operations but was quick to rise to high ranks because of the services and the prices that were offered. The AirBlue Airline quickly got heads-on with the national carrier PIA. As mentioned above, when AirBlue started the operations, it was only limited to KHI-LHR and KH-ISL. But the growing demand and wide acceptance amongst the travelers made expansion super easy.

Airblue was quick to add Peshawar and Multan to its regular routes, and 2005 marked its entrance into the international airspaces when it took its first flight from Karachi to Dubai. Since then, it has been in close competition with PIA. AirBlue has a truly customer-centric approach and works to make lives easy for the passengers.

The airline offers self-check-in kiosks and contemporary e-ticketing solutions that make traveling super easy and convenient with AirBlue.

Airblue Ticket Price

3">With Airblue, you can easily get low-cost flight deals for local and international routes. The rates are reasonable but may vary depending upon the day of your travel. Weekends are usually overbooked, so a seat can cost higher compared to the weekdays.

With that said, you can browse our website and find the right ticketing solutions for AirBlue. Also, flights for the international routes are higher than the local routes. But you can check in with Malik Travel and look out for the discounts that we offer to our clients. Trying to find out the AirBlue airline ticket price? Contact Malik Travel ASAP and get the best deals!

Comfortable traveling with AirBlue

When you book a seat on an AirBlue plane, you are in for a comfortable flight. The company puts up extra emphasis on making the passengers super comfortable and cared for. There are several amenities that you can find on the plane. Even before you board, you get to be in the comfortable AirBlue lounge, where you can rest and chill before you board the plane.

Firstly, the seats are super comfortable, which is essential for a decent time on the flight. Once you are settled in, you can plug into the entertainment system that the flight offers to every individual. There you can have the latest movies, games, and songs to keep yourself entertained on the flights. Usually, the AirBlue flights aren’t long, so you can easily reach your destination without feeling the slightest of boredom.

Plus, delightful meals are served on the flight, which will keep you satiated till you land your destination. Overall, AirBlue really ensures that you reach your destination on time and that your journey is super comfortable.

What’s the luggage allowance when you travel with AirBlue?

With the AirBlue Airline, the weight limits are allowed depending on the seat that you book. There are 3 categories for you to choose from- Value, Flexi, and Xtra. All three are variants of the standard economy.

Depending on the seat, you get the following:

Flight Carry-on Baggage Check-in Baggage
Economy Xtra 7 kg 2 bags, 20 kg each
Economy Flexi 7 kg 1 bag, 20 kg
Economy Value 7 kg No free checked in baggage

You should try and not get luggage more than the allowed limit because you may be fined depending upon the airport policies for excess luggage load.

Why choose AirBlue?

With all that’s mentioned above, there can still be some confusion when booking the flight. There are so many deals and offers that all the airline companies make that it may become a little difficult to make the right choice. So here we are to address why you should choose AirBlue.

If you are looking for optimal comfort without spending a fortune on flight tickets, then choose AirBlue. The airline has a stellar record for taking off and landing on time. Plus, you’ll be taken care of, and crew members try to make the flight a delightful experience for the passengers.

What’s Next?

If you want to travel with AirBlue, then consult us. We shall offer you discounted deals for the flights that you are looking for. You may as well find the AirBlue airline flight schedules on our website and choose the option that best matches your requirements.

FAQs About AirBlue Airlines

AirBlue airline’s CEO is Mr. Tariq M. Chaudhry.

AirBlue flies to DXB 16 times every week.

Airblue has a no meal policy for flights under 2 hours. For the ones above that time, passengers can have light snacks like aloo chat and shahi tukra, or sandwiches and fruit salads. All that’s served is Halal.

Currently, Airblue operates with a fleet of 11 aircraft.

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