About Avianca Airlines

Avianca Airline is a top-notch international airline that is originally based in Bogota, Colombia. Other than Colombia, the primary hubs of Avianca are located at Jorge Chavez International Airport (Avianca Peru) and El Salvador International Airport (Avianca El Salvador). The secondary hubs of this fantastic airline are found at Mariscal Sucre International Airport (Avianca Ecuador), Juan Santamaria International Airport (Avianca Costa Rica).

The Avancia destinations

Boasting the modern fleet of around 173 aircraft, Avianca airline flight schedule covers over 106 destinations. Some of them are found in Europe, and some are spread across America.

Domestic destinations covered by Avianca Airlines

With Avianca's exceptionally quick and efficient domestic flights, you can have an outstanding traveling experience. Primarily the airline covers 23 cities in Colombia, nine cities in Peru, and 19 other destinations within Central America.

In addition to Colombia and Peru, the prominent destinations covered by Avianca include Bogota, Cali, Medellín, Barrancabermeja, Barranquilla, Florencia, Cartagena, Cúcuta, Montería, Manizales, Pasto, Tarapoto, Piura,Cúcuta, Trujillo, Maldonado and many more.

Why choose Avianca Airlines?

Avianca’s frequent flyer program has around seven million members. Moreover, through the airline's membership with Star Alliance, the travelers of Avancia can access 192 countries. Aside from Avancia's outstanding passenger air transportation services, it offers a portfolio of cargo transport, tourism services, aeronautical assistance, and cargo transport. These are generally termed as Avianca Services, Deprisa, and Air Cargo business units.

Avianca Airlines also understands how much a nice meal and a good movie could mean to travelers. Therefore by choosing Avianca Airlines, you will get a flying experience like no other.

Despite the low Avianca airline ticket price, the airline manages to maintain an enviable network across Central America. Aside from all the premier destinations mentioned above, the Avianca airline connects 13 popular destinations.

Flight categories at Avianca Airlines

Given the widespread network of Avianca Airlines, its flights are categorized in following classes:

1. The All New Business Class

The Avianca business class aims to deliver ultimate comfort, luxury, and privacy. This class also aims to provide everything that a passenger can create a lasting impression on the passenger's mind.

This business class provides leather seats with ample legroom and space. Moreover, it is also equipped with seat dividers that maintain a distance of 40 inches in-between the seats and allow the passenger to enjoy personal time.

What is even better about Avianca business class is the revamped interior that perfectly blends with the aesthetic seats. Not to mention there is an astounding collection of music and movies for passengers' entertainment.

2. Modern Economy Class

Unlike most economy classes, Avianca's modern economy class offers exceptional comfort and luxury to all the passengers. The seats offered by this class provide generous legroom, headrest, and cup holders.

By opting for Avianca's economy class, you will also get to enjoy a vast collection of music and movies on either a 7 inch or 9-inch screen. Furthermore, there are the amenities of headphones, USB ports, pillows, power outlets, and blankets.

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FAQS About Avianca Airline

Being the number one airline, the Avianca Airline provides tickets to hordes of popular destinations in the world.
Some of the world's most famous cities covered by the airline are London, New York City, Lima, Paris, Mexico City, Barcelona, Miami, Santiago, Salvador, and many more.

All baggage items for Avianca's domestic and international flights are required to have a maximum of 22 inches of height, 10 inches of width, and 14 inches of length. Furthermore, the carry-on luggage weight limit is precisely 10 kgs.

If a passenger wants to check in online, they are required to visit the airline's official website. To save time, the passenger can also print their boarding pass at home. It is also worth mentioning that online check-in is only available 24 hours before your scheduled departure.

The carry-on baggage limit by Avianca Airlines has 35 cm length, 55 cm height, and 25 cm width. In terms of weight, the carry-on should not be heavier than 10 kgs.

LifeMiles is the airline's frequent flyer program, and it boasts of having over 6 million members across the world.
Since the program has a great financial and commercial partner network, it allows the members to enjoy miles of flying without much hassle. Furthermore, it aids the passenger to get cheap flight booking and exciting rewards.

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